warranty conditions

Be sure to provide warranty sheet with stamp seller!

We provide only Ukrainian guarantee, tk. We have our own service center. In addition, each product must pass, without exception, pre-tested for:

1. completeness (verified, to come standard with all, as indicated in the description).

2. Operation of the main functions (charging, etc.).

3. structural integrity.


You are guaranteed to get a wholly-owned operating unit with a full complete set!

important points!

The warranty period is specified in the description of each product on our site. Proof of the guarantee is a guarantee.

You are welcome, check the completeness and absence of defects in the product when it is received (product description or completeness is determined by its manual).

The guarantee is granted for a period of to 12 months depending on the manufacturer's customer service policy.

For warranty service, you can contact us by phone (097) 864 26 06 - weekdays 10.00 to 13.00

Exchange or return of goods:

After the purchase of the goods in our store, you can return it within 14 days in accordance with the "Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights". Returns accomplished by Shipping goods to us through the delivery service of "New Mail". Mandatory rule - Do not put cash on delivery, otherwise the carrier will not be able to pick it up.

To use this feature, make, what:

  • the goods were not used and does not use tracks (scratch, spalling, abrasions);
  • product fully staffed and is not broken integrity of the package;
  • retains all factory labels and markings.


The buyer is obligated to make return in proper form by the Sellers. The seller returns to the buyer the price paid for the goods at stake Privat Bank, minus the cost of overheads, for 3 working (banking) days the date of receipt of returned goods.

The warranty does not apply to the following faults:

  • natural wear and tear or depletion of the resource;
  • on completing (charging device, cable, periphery);
  • accidental damage, damage caused to the client or, caused by neglect or the use of (fluid exposure, dustiness, getting into the cabinet, etc.. P.);
  • damage due to natural disasters (natural phenomena);
  • injury, caused by accidental raising or lowering the voltage in the power system or incorrect connection to power supply;
  • injury, caused by defects in the system, which used this product, or caused by the goods connections and connection to other products;
  • injury, caused by using the goods for other purposes or in violation of rules of operation;
  • software, which is not part of the product;
  • retaining the information on the hard disk.