How to order?

1. drawing up of an order

You can place an order in our online shop in ways:

  • call us at listed at the top of site, and our skilled managers will help you to pick up the goods, check the availability of goods in stock, arrange delivery at a convenient time for you and place
  • click on the button "Request a call"(only for the computer version of the site) the right-hand side of the page and we will call you back in an hour.
  • order by site, for this:
    • click "BUY" near you interesting goods
    • Product added to cart! At this point you can continue shopping, clicking the "Continue Shopping", or proceed to checkout, clicking on the button "Checkout"
    • fill in your contact information, and press the button "Confirm Order"
    • Do not worry, if something is missed or not completed, before submitting your order you will be sure to call back our manager, and once again everything will clarify in order to avoid possible errors.

If you place your order with 9:00 to 18:00, then within 3 hours after placing an order with our manager will contact you to clarify the time and method of delivery of the goods.

If you place your order after 18:00, then our manager will contact you with 9:00 to 12:00 the next day after the order.

Please note, that in the days of peak download time interval can be increased, but in any case, every order will be processed! If you need urgent shipment, call the contact numbers, specified in the header
(066) 742 27 18, (098) 685 08 03

2. Delivery

  • Delivery in Ukraine is carried out postal transport carrier "Nova Posta".

3. Payment. You can pay in ways:

  • Payment for the goods the funds are credited to our card account in PrivatBank.
  • Payment on the stock of the "New Mail" after receipt and inspection of goods.

All successful purchases!