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Power Bank 20800 mAh provides up to 6 full of chargers or phone to 2 full charges the tablet.

Power Bank is a universal external battery or battery. Is an array of batteries (battery), packed in the housing with a universal yield (eg, USB connector).

20800 mAh one of the most popular external batteries. Model released an excellent price-performance ratio, using quality batteries and aluminum body.
Although the purpose of the external battery is always the same - charging other devices, they may differ:

  • capacity of batteries used (their quality, type);
  • casing design;
  • materials used;
  • The number of connectors;
  • complete set.

In addition to appearance poverbanki different from each other capacity battery installed therein, which is indicated in milliamp-hours (mAh). It determines the weight and dimensions of the device.
Most models used by the most popular to date lithium-ion (Li-ion) or lithium-polymer (Li-pol) batteries. In these devices a low self-discharge current, the maximum energy density and excellent performance.
EXAMPLE different size and capacity

Helpful advice: select a specific model based on the Power Bank device battery capacity, he will be charged. Information on the battery capacity can be found in the manual or on the manufacturer's website.
for example, if your smartphone installed capacity of the battery 2000 mAh, worth looking at "paverbanki" capacity from 10000 mAh, but if you are going to charge the tablet - choose from models with capacity from 20000 mAh.

We are so accustomed to your favorite smartphone and their functionality, that if we see, that gadget discharged battery - feel discomfort. What to do, when there is no power outlet or a suitable charger? Universal solution - Power Bank!
Of course, If your smartphone is not enough charge for a day, you can experiment with the settings, abandon some functions and get a few extra hours of work.
Spare battery - does not always yield, because it will have to somehow be charged, and to replace the need to remove the cover every time, which is not always convenient and can be done by yourself.
Power Bank external battery, or simply - simple, elegant and versatile solution, which does not cause to abandon the use of the usual functions of the gadget. What can guarantee such a device user and which model is better to choose?

When selecting an external battery, most guided by a simple formula - divides universal battery capacity on the capacity of your device's battery and considers, that is how much time they will be able to charge your device.

In fact it is not so, no Power Bank on 9000 mAh battery will not charge a smartphone battery with three times 3000 mAh, at best, it will charge half, and most - one.

Why? There are several reasons.

Always there is minimal battery self-discharge, and over time its characteristics gradually deteriorate. Voltage batteries used in external batteries anyway 3,7 AT, depending upon the level of charge at the moment it is changed in a large, and in the smaller side.

Standard USB output voltage, chargers and respectively, Power Bank – 5 AT, so it's worth a special scheme within the device, which increases the voltage to the required level.

She has her own efficiency (efficiency), which can be very different for different models of batteries. Similar, but in the step-down circuit should charge the device.

It turns out, that at each stage of some of the energy is lost, so no external battery can not provide one hundred percent out of its container, you should always choose "with reserve" in 20-30%.

think, that attention should be given only the most capacious model? It is not always so.

Of course, a battery charge all your gadgets without problems, and even friends can help, Now only have to carry it in a bag or in the outside pocket of outerwear.

Sometimes you just need to recharge the battery further, just to "hang on" to the house and a normal charge. In such situations, you can pay attention to the compact models.

Usually, They are much smaller and lighter than their older counterparts, some can be worn as a pendant on the keys. This baby always included and will not interfere, but will add, eg, half of charge sevshemu smartphone.

Excellent example of, What can be battery MI 12000, lightweight and compact.

there are models, provided in a cover shape for smartphone. Universal will not name, because each battery is made for a specific smartphone, but this way you can kill two birds with one stone - and a cover for your smartphone to get, and the work to improve. The only negative point - a marked increase in the size of the Assistant.


One of the important parameters of the external battery - Charging current, that it is capable of. In most batteries, it varies from 0,5 to 2 A.
Choosing a specific model, should pay attention to the labeling of the native charger (ZU) rechargeable devaysa.
for example, if the smartphone comes with a charger on 1 A, it makes sense to choose the Power Bank with the same, or high output current.
If you take the battery with a smaller charging current, nothing terrible will happen, a device will be charged for longer, eg, three o'clock instead of two.
If two output of the battery, the, usually, one smaller charge current (eg, 1 A), and the second - more (2 A). Actually, they are designed to charge different devices, because many smartphones require a charging current level 1 A, and tablets - from 1,5 A.
important thing: most universal battery "give" maximum charging current only when you connect one device, so, If the Power Bank has two options to 1 and 2 A, Used together they will "give" on 1 A.
Recently began appearing batteries c support Qualcomm Quick Charge Fast Charge Technology v 2.0. Such Power Bank like the, who already have the device, with support for this technology, because in this way it will greatly save time smartphone charging.
Today, the majority of gadgets to charge using the universal microUSB connector, but not always the appropriate cable is in a box with external battery, and if there, it may be too short.
There are universal battery with solar batteries.
A small panel of the device the lid can compensate for the effect of self-discharge, but much importance to such features should not attach.
Also pay attention to the way the battery charge display. In most models, it uses a series of LEDs, but there are also advanced, in which the exact percentage of remaining charge is displayed.
here, properly, and all the basic criteria for the selection of external batteries. Everything else - design, choice of the manufacturer - is up to the buyer.
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