Mi Power Bank 10400 mAh

  • Capacity: 10400 mAh (up to 3 smartphone charges)
  • housing material: anodized aluminum
  • battery type: Lithium-ion
  • charging time: 5,5 hours
  • peak current: 2,1 A / 5B
  • Type charge indicator: LED
  • Dimensions: 90,5 x 77,0 x 21,6 mm
  • The weight: 250 g
  • Guarantee: 1 year

199 грн.

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Xiaomi Poverbank compatible with all popular gadgets

Thanks to the automatic output power control function of the laptop battery Xiaomi is suitable for charging various devices. Perfectly compatible with smartphones and tablets brands Xiaomi, Iphone, Samsung, HTC, Google, Blackberry и т.д., as well as some models of digital cameras and portable game consoles. Powerbank Xiaomi ergonomic and versatile in the 100%

Aluminum alloy

Technology used for the production of housings MacBook Pro

In the manufacture of the body is used high-precision CNC machine (CNC). The program is designed in such a way, that the enclosure is made from one monolithic metal sheet. The housing is characterized by high strength and impact resistance, and possesses anticorrosive properties anticondensate, so it is convenient to take with you always and everywhere.

maximum pressure 55kg / I tested on friction 300 time

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 20800 mAh

rounded edges

Even more ergonomic and user-friendly body compared to conventional similar devices.

High-precision machining the edges of the body

In the production process used aluminum hulls edges CNC machining technology: coating attached haze, and body angles take a rounded shape, allowing handle such body was even nicer.

anodizing technology

In the process of manufacturing the housing anodizing technology has been used, used also for iphone 5s, whereby a protective layer is formed on the surface of the housing, prevents fading, enhances endurance and has an anti-corrosion effect.

Concealed button

charge test button is slightly recessed into the casing, and therefore invisible, but easily detectable light touch.
POWERBANK Xiaomi MI 10400 mAh is - a universal classic style, very nice design,


Akkumuyaltor itself can be charged in two ways:

1) from a computer via the USB port.
2) from the AC adapter(charging, that comes with your phone)


Reliable world-class protection

9 protection levels, developed by Texas Instruments.
chips set USB smart-control Sensors and charging / discharging by Texas Instruments.
Power Bank is not only 9 protection levels, but also provides incredible efficiency.

  • PTC protection devices
    If the charger is overheating or an excessive amount of voltage is released, RTS can flow control voltage for the battery protection
  • Limiting the output voltage
    Charger actively checks, that the output voltage remains within safe limits and were stable
  • Restarting mechanism
    If the changes in the environment have led to the termination of the work memory, simply press the power button to reset and continue charging
  • Contact protection
    If the USB output is accidentally connected to a power source, the work memory will be automatically terminated
  • Circuit breaker
    If the charger failure, it will stop charging immediately to prevent any further damage
  • temperature control
    Integrated thermostat ensures safe operation at a temperature
  • Detection device
    Charger automatically detects the connected device
  • The limiter input voltage
    OVP circuit protects the cell from overvoltages
  • charge limit
    The charger will increase battery usage of your devices, without reloading them


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